Large Commercial Office HRV

The Challenge

To provide air conditioning and ventilation to a large office space in a newly constructed commercial premises. This project consisted of: - Reception area - Two small offices - Large open plan office space - Boardroom - Comms room - Toilets and shower room - Canteen

Our Solution

In order to provide the building with the perfect temperature and air quality all year round, we installed a combination of air conditioning units and heat recovery ventilation. A separate mechanical extract system was also required to maintain air quality in the toilets and shower room. For the office air conditioning we chose Mitsubishi Heavy compact cassette units as they deliver high performance and have a compact, elegant design. Heat recovery ventilation was achieved using Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay units, supplying up to 2000m3/h of air changes with minimum heat loss. As the comms room was crucially important to the customer’s business, 100% backup was guaranteed by installing two stand alone Mitsubishi Heavy high wall units. The project met the customer’s requirements and the specifications of the consultant engineer and was delivered on time and within budget.

Large Commercial Office-1-a Large Commercial Office-1-b
Large Commercial Office-2-a Large Commercial Office-2-b
Large Commercial Office-3-a Large Commercial Office-3-b
Large Commercial Office-4-a Large Commercial Office-4-b

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