Hitachi Chiller Repair

The Challenge

Two large Hitachi heat pump chillers supply this large commercial office building with heating and cooling all year round. A fault on one of the chillers caused the system to shut down, severely compromising the air conditioning of the building. Upon inspection we discovered a fan propeller had broken off while running. This caused extensive damage to the condenser coil leading to refrigerant gas leakage. As this occurred during the hottest time of year it was imperative to get the system back up and running in the least amount of time possible.

Our Solution

Parts and materials were ordered the same day to ensure a speedy delivery. As the fault occurred on circuit two of the chiller we were able to restore 50% capacity and keep the cooling system operating. The damaged coil was repaired, and the system was put on pressure test to ensure there were no further leaks. All manufacture’s recommendations were carried out including a full oil change and drier replacement before the system was recharged with refrigerant. After fitting a new fan propeller and housing the chiller was recommissioned and 100% capacity restored.

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