Air Handling Unit Upgrade

The Challenge

This customer was experiencing problems with the temperature control of their clean room. The heating and cooling system was unreliable, leading to loss of production. An existing Air Handling Unit with heat pump outdoor unit was providing the heating and cooling for the room.

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment, the heat pump outdoor unit was found to be the cause of the problem. The decision was made to upgrade it with a Toshiba AHU interface system due to its energy efficiency, reliability and ease of installation. The AHU coil was also upgraded as it was not compatible with R410A refrigerant. The Toshiba AHU interface panel allowed easy integration of the new system with the old AHU controls. A Toshiba wall mounted controller was installed in the room and set as the temperature sensing point. This enabled precise temperature control and ease of use.

Air Handling Unit Upgrade-1-a Air Handling Unit Upgrade-1-b
Air Handling Unit Upgrade-2-a Air Handling Unit Upgrade-2-b

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